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PostSubject: OFFICIAL RULES & REGULATIONS    Fri 24 Apr 2015, 2:39 pm



The following rules are set in addition with the NSARL Series and NSA forum rules in place. It is the obligation of each participant to ensure that they are in compliance with driver conduct, series specifications and equipment parameters that reside in the NSARL Rules and Regulations. These rules and guidelines may be amended or changed without notice. Motor racing is defined as a non contact sport, understandably, contact will be made during a race, be it unintentional or intentional.  Unintentional contact will be looked at as a racing incident, intentional contact will be viewed as inappropriate behavior and cause for disqualification from the race and racing series.

1.1. Every competitor is expected to conduct themselves in a professional and sportsmanlike manner. Persons whose appearance, associations or affiliations that are deemed inappropriate or who exhibit conduct which is offensive, abrasive, in bad taste, or otherwise inappropriate may be denied event entry.
1.2. Failure to obey the direction of an NSARL official, as such pertain to the procedures and rules that govern the organization and administration of any NSA Event, will be considered a breach of good conduct and subject to disqualification.
1.3. Any competitor that publicly openly criticizes NSA, its officials, or other competitors, for the sole purpose of defaming, will be considered to be acting in an unsportsmanlike manner prejudicial or detrimental to NSA, NSARL and the best interests of the sport and subject to immediate disqualification.
1.4. Actions or in-action on the part of a competitor which, in the opinion of the NSARL Race Director and/or it's Officials, results in an unfair advantage to the competitor shall constitute unsportsmanlike conduct, and is a breach of the conduct and will be subject to disqualification.
1.5. Motor racing is defined as a non contact sport, understandably, contact will be made during a race, be it unintentional or intentional.  Unintentional contact will be looked at as a racing incident, intentional contact will be viewed as inappropriate behavior and cause for disqualification from the race and series.

2.1. Prior to qualifying, a 15 minute practice session will take place for last minute tuning before qualifying.
2.2. Each car will be qualified by the driver that intends to race.
2.3. Pole position goes to the fastest qualifier. The pole is defined as the front row, inside position with respect to the first turn past the starting line.
2.4. If two cars achieve the same qualifying time, the car that sets the time earliest in their qualifying session shall be gridded first.
2.5. At the discretion of the NSARL Race Director, a competitor who is unable to qualify in their session but can meet qualifying requirements may be placed at the rear of the grid.
2.6. All cars must grid at a time designated in the Race Day thread. Any driver arriving after the published time may, at the discretion of the NSARL Race Director, be placed on the back of the grid; A mandatory drive through penalty will have to be taken in the first (2) laps for anyone missing the race start time.
2.7. Weekend events will consist of (15min) practice session, (10min) qualifying and (1) feature race.
2.8. Weather patterns will reflect current conditions per each track at time of race.

3.1 Qualifying sessions will be set for 10 minutes.
3.2 Fastest clean lap times will count as a good qualifying lap, dirty lap times will line up behind all clean qualifiers for the race.
3.3 Pit lane will be open during qualifying for tuning adjustments.

4.1. Starting procedures will be determined from track to track, be it a rolling start or standing start.
4.2. All participants will be ordered and grouped by room prior to the start of practice. These rooms will be updated on the race day thread one hour prior to the start of the event.
4.3. ONE (1) restart is allowed in first 2 laps for: lag wreck, multi-car wreck, car unable to continue due to damage. After one (1) restart, no other will be allowed, regardless of lag of inability to drive. You may return to the pits for damage repairs and continue.
4.4. EXCEPTION TO RULE 3.3: If a driver disconnects on the first lap, an automatic restart is in effect. This will only be for the first disconnect, any future issues and the race will proceed accordingly.

5.1. PASSING - It is the responsibility of both the overtaking Driver and the Driver being overtaken to assure safe overtaking at racing speeds. A car traveling alone may use the full width of the track. Overtaking may be either right or left depending on the conditions of the moment.
5.2. BLOCKING - Any driver who, in the sole opinion of the NSARL Race Director and/or it's Officials, alters their racing line based on the actions of pursuing competitors, or uses an abnormal racing line to inhibit or prevent overtaking may be considered to be “blocking” and may be warned or penalized.
5.3. AVOIDABLE CONTACT - Any driver who, in the sole opinion of the NSARL Race Director and/or it's Stewards, initiates avoidable contact with another competitor, whether or not such contact interrupts the other competitor’s lap times, track position or damages other competitor’s cars, and whether or not such actions result in actual contact, may be warned or penalized by the Race Director or officials.
5.4. UNJUSTIFIABLE RISK - Any participant who, in the sole opinion of the NSARL Race Director and/or it's Stewards, engages in any behavior deemed to represent an unjustifiable risk or reckless endangerment may be warned or penalized by the Race Director, or officials. This is not subject to protest or appeal.

6.1. Throughout the periods of practice, qualifying and racing, access to the pits must be made through the designated pit entrance at each circuit.
6.2. You must call your entry and exit from the pit road area, as to ensure that all participants are clear and you are able to safely enter the driving lane.
6.3. When exiting pit lane, stay inside the white lines until traffic is clear. Do not pass over the white line when exiting the pits.
6.4. One (1) mandatory pit stop is required for each race.

7.1. The Driver of the car which completes the required laps, first for the competition, will be declared the winner.
7.2. In competitions of a given race distance or time, the checkered flag will be waved first to the leading car, then to the other finishers as they cross the finish line, if time permits for timed events.

8.1. Teams are to consist of (2) drivers.
8.2. Team drivers must run the same manufacturer, however, liveries can be different.

9.1. NSARL will recognize a Driver champion based on the number of points earned in the GT3 races, as well as Team points
9.2. In all Events, the car must complete at least 50% of the distance of the class winning car to be eligible for Driver Championship points. This includes team point totals for each race.
9.3. A lag out after the start of the race will be deemed as "equipment failure", finishing position points will be scored. If the lag out occurs before the green flag, 5 points will be awarded.
9.4. Team point totals for each race will be determined by the top (2) finishing drivers from each team.
9.5. Championship Points will be awarded in each series race to those that have met the eligibility requirements as follows:

Pole position - 1 pt

10.1. In race incidents are subject to review and may incur individual point deductions or grid penalties, if deemed necessary by NSRL Stewards and/or it's officials.
10.2. It is up to each individual driver to submit a questionable racing indecent to the race Steward and/or NSARL Official, for review.

11.1 Structure
-Number of Laps: Circuit Pending
-Grid Size: 16
-Identical Cars: NO
-Class: GT3
-Rolling Start (Circuit Pending)
-Practice 1: 15 MIN
-Practice 2: N/A
-Qualifying: 10 MIN
-Warm Up: N/A

11.2. Conditions
-Weather Slots: (Circuit Pending)
-Weather Progression: 10X
-Start Time: CURRENT
-Time Progression: 2X
-Note: Weather will be determined real time day of

11.3. Restrictions
-Force Interior: OFF
-Force Manuel Gears: OFF
-Force Driving Aids: OFF
-Allow ABS: ON
-Allow Stability Control: ON
-Allow Traction Control: ON
-Mech Failure: OFF
-Tire Wear: REAL
-Fuel Usage: REAL
-Auto Start Engine: YES
-Flags & Penalties: OFF

-Aston Martin Vantage V12 GT3
-Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT3
-Bentley Continental GT3
-Ginetta G55 GT3
-McLaren 12C GT3
-Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3

Full Car List HERE

-Brands Hatch
-Brno Circuit
-Circuit Zolder
-Autodromo Nazionale Monza
-Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

Full Race Calendar HERE

14. GOAL
14.1. Enjoy the competition and have fun racing.
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